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This eLearning course was created as a submission for an eLearning project. Adapted and inspired from 7 Steps For Dealing with Angry Customers by Forbes.

Tools: Articulate Storyline, Canva, Envato Elements

Time in Development: 2 months for multiple rounds of feedback

Role: eLearning Developer, Instructional Designer, Voiceover


Success Training

Copy of Mockups & Photo Frames For Websi
Smoothie Maker for portfolio.png

An online deliverable for a hypothetical company that was inspired from Go Design Something. 

Goal: Create an interactive experience that allows gym goers to learn about nutrition through smoothie making. 

Tools: Articulate Storyline, Canva, nutrition research on Google

Time in Development: 3 days with peer feedback

Role: eLearning Developer

Build Your Smoothie, Learn Nutrition

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